Piana di Vigezzo

The 8 seats gondola links Prestinone di Craveggia with Piana di Vigezzo in 10 minutes.

The winter ski domain ranges 25km of downhill slopes and snowshoe trails.

It hosts ski school, ski rent, restaurant.

White snow leaves room to green meadows and flowers in May.

Visitors experience trekking and mountain biking in spring and summer.

E-bikes and mountain bikes can be rented directly on site.

Piana is the most popular hangout of the Alps for paragliding and hang gliding, 12 months per year.

Ski slopes in winter as meadows in summer are used as runways.

The landscape takes the breath away with the labyrinth of valleys surrounded by immaculate peaks.

Craft made products and traditional mountain specialties cannot be missed: polenta and cheese, Vigezzino raw ham, black rye bread, mushrooms and venison, red wine and spirits.

Piana di Vigezzo
Via Pittor Carlo Fornara, 13
28852 Prestinone (VB)